Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Poem on a Stranger's Live Journal?

Thursday nights I have to work from 1pm to 9pm. I won't get into why, because it doesn't make any sense, and basically I have nothing to do for these hours. This past Thursday I was sitting in my cubical trying to entertain myself and remembered I hadn't typed my name into google in awhile. This is a common practice for me and I even wrote a poem about it called "Mistaken Identity" which is getting published in the Summer 09 issue of The Antioch Review

Basically I just search the internet to see if anyone has posted anything about me or to see just how many times my actual name comes up with actual information about the real me (whatever that means). Since I've had a lot of work recently published this number is going up. 

But on Thursday I discovered one of my poems published on this Live Journal. This person has a Live Journal devoted to a poem a day and they have kept it up for like 550 days, which is impressive and they seem to have a pretty big following. Anyway on March 18th of this year they posted my poem "In Defense of Marriage" as the poem of the day. The poem was published in "The Gay and Lesbian Review" about a year and a half ago and I assume that's where they saw it. They didn't steal it or anything like that, not that I really would have cared. That's the thing about poetry. I just want people to see it and share it and I was really excited to see that this person whom I don't know picked my poem for that day. 

I then realized there were 17 comments and all of them were really excited about my poem and loved it and said it was better than the crap the blogger had posted the day before (which was a poem by a fairly famous poet I won't mention here). 

In the end this made my Thursday night, not because I'm full of myself, but because it showed a positive of the internet and how people can connect through poetry (I know, how very sappy and cliche). 

Regardless it filled some time and it's always nice to see people enjoying your work. 

On a completely unrelated sidenote I've been watching the first season of "True Blood" and it is amazing! If you haven't seen it go get it. It's an amazing twist on the vampire and the south. I have a few episodes left and I can't wait to finish them. I'm sure I'll post more about this later. 

-Stephen (should I be signing my posts?)

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  1. that's awesome stephen!!! you're famous!!!