Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gays Days Recap and Thoughts on the Future

Gay Days 2009 was a blast. Dustin and I made the most of the four days and did some new things (some worked out well, others didn't, but that's how you learn).

We started by going to a wine tasting on Wednesday night, which was amazing. It was a benefit for the Orlando Youth Alliance, which we have started to volunteer with. For 20 bucks you basically got all the wine you could drink. Of course we drank plenty with our friends. Plus they had male "models" you could paint on. I put models in quotations because honestly they weren't that attractive. I guess they had a hard time finding gay boys who wanted to be painted on by strangers. (They should have asked me). Regardless it was a great night. 

Thursday we headed to the Animal Kingdom, which is always fun. I hadn't been there for awhile. That night we tried out a new event at Rix, which is this lounge in a Disney hotel (yes I should have known it would be bad). When I arrived in my low cut shirt with glitter all over my body and had walk through all the gross families in pooh t-shirts I knew things might not go well. The lounge was right next to the food court and had no bathrooms inside, so every time you had to pee you had to go out with all the tourists. Anyway it was 25 bucks a person and claimed it would have lots of entertainment, but what we got was a drag queen on a coffee table for about 2 minutes. Read that again: drag queen, coffee table. This is no exaggeration. Paige King was standing about a foot from me on a coffee table. Then some british chick got up a sang. Had no idea who she was, but she seemed to have a fan club of three very loud straight girls. Afterward they brought out a cake for some guy's birthday. All in all I think my friends and I paid 25 bucks to go to a stranger's birthday party. That night was a bit of a bust, but that's the risk in trying new things. 

Friday we spent at the big gay expo, which was amazing. We got lots of free crap. The best being a small flashlight keychain that projects a picture of the travelocity gnome with a pride flag. This is still amazing me days later. Dustin also won a free ticket to Parliament House, which worked out because we had planned to go Saturday (and did). We also worked the booth for the Orlando Youth Alliance, which sort of sucked because table wasn't very well organized. This drunk lesbian artist was at the booth with us selling some badly painted pride glasses (I don't even know if she was donating the money). I knew I was in trouble when I got there and she shouted "Stephen's in the house" raising her hands. But we survived. 

Saturday was the best day. The Magic Kingdom on Gay Days is always amazing. The sea of red never ceases to amaze. Dustin and I rode most of the rides, got VIP seating for the afternoon parade, and mostly avoiding the rain. We of course rode my favorite rides: Peter Pan and Haunted Mansion. Then saturday night we went to Parliament House, which was my favorite night. I should have known to stick with the always trusted Parliament House. It was packed! Luckily we went early and got good parking. Our favorite bartender even gave Dustin a kiss on the cheek and told us how he had jerked off that day (fun to imagine). The first drag show was crazy. Jade from Rupaul's Drag Race performed and did a great job. She even smiled at me in the hallway, which is fun because she was pretty hot on the show as a man. There were also tons of free porn and venders. We got three free DVDs and I got my picture taken with a porn star. I also got in my first ever foam party. This was insane. I stripped to my underwear and got into foam way over my head to be fondled by strange men. I'm just not grossed out by this. Straight families in pooh t-shirts = gross. Foam with lots of gay men = amazing. It was really fun and I'd do it again for sure. Parliament House never ceases to amaze and entertain. 

Sunday we went to a free disco brunch, which was sort of fun, but badly planned. Luckily Dustin and I went early and actually got free food and drinks. They ran out about 15 minutes into a 3 hour event. The fashion show was hard to see. We could only see the half naked men from the chest up, which isn't the best part. We left early and went home and rested a bit and sort of got back to "normal" life, but headed to Epcot for the evening. 

In the end it was a great Gay Days and start to Pride Month! Next event: our gay pride party this coming Saturday!

Of course it made it hard to come back to work and has made me want to focus on the future and getting a better job and hopefully getting my first book published. I'm happy with all my publications so far this year and am hoping it will continue. Dustin and I have been thinking about checking out different cities and figuring something out that would make us both happy. This job has taught me that I just can't do something I don't care about.
Right now I just have to focus on something or I might go insane! Today I did spend some time outside writing on my lunch break. I got some new ideas down for some poems. Only time will tell what will come of them. 


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