Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moving Up the Ranks

Last night I was notified that I could now submit to Knockout Literary Magazine anytime I wanted. About a month ago they accepted my poem "Against Our Better Judgement We Plan a Trip to Iran" for their forth issue (which is forthcoming). They've now informed me they'd love to see more of my work anytime I'd like to send it. 

For those of you who don't know a lot of magazines have different reading periods. Normally they will only read unsolicited manuscripts part of the year (this is normally when I have to submit). The other part of the year they only read work by those they've solicited, which now includes me (at least at Knockout).

I've deemed this an honor and a step up in the poetry world. It's the little things you have to hold on to. 

Then this morning I was notified by The New York Quarterly that they have a deal with EBSCO to include their issues in the Literary Reference Center database. This means my poem (The Scientists Don't Know Why the Whales are Beaching Themselves), which is in the latest issue of the NYQ, will be searchable by college students around the world. I had to sign an extra contract to make this happen, which I happily did. 

Now I can picture some college boy stumbling upon my poem and falling in love with it, reading it over and over and imagining the man who wrote it, or more likely rolling his eyes and saying, "Poetry's stupid." Either way it's a reaction.

-Stephen (The Poet of Small Things)

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