Monday, July 13, 2009

Project Verse: Check It Out

This is my third month writing in this blog and I've been slowly figuring out the ups and downs of blogging and all the possibilities. Partly I've been looking to others who have great blogs and are doing amazing things. Dustin Brookshire has one of those blogs. It is mostly devoted to poetry and he is currently do a fantastic competition called Project Verse on his blog. Think Project Runway with poetry and online. The poets get a challenge each week and are then judged by a panel of judges that always includes special guests.

Last week's challenge was tribute poems to Dolly! What could be better? (please see my previous post about my love of celebrity poems) This is such a clever and interesting way to use a blog and I'm in awe of it. I want to encourage everyone to check it out and support this great poetry project. 

Here's the web address: or check out the link above or see my side bar with blogs I love. His blog is called: "I Was Born Doing Reference Work In Sin." Dustin is also the editor of a great online queer poetry magazine called Limp Wrist. My poem "The Neon Sign Reads: Karate for Christ" will be appearing in their Winter Issue. 

Oh and for those who read my blog and perhaps don't know me this Dustin is not the same as my boyfriend Dustin. They just have the same name. It would be weird if my boyfriend was publishing my poetry, or maybe just sad.
Just wanted to share and help promote this really cool idea.

-Stephen (Encourager of Poetry)

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  1. Thank you for your kind words about my blog, and I really appreciate the PR for Project Verse.

    THANKS! ! !