Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Thought of the Day: Are we still in charge of make-overs?

Dustin and I are currently watching the second season of Mad Men. I love the show and since Dustin and I don't have cable I've been waiting for the second season for months. It came out a few weeks ago and we've been watching it each night. It's been extremely good until last night. We watched episode 11 entitled "The Jet Set"  and overall I felt the episode wasn't up to par but I trust it is setting up the final two episodes. Regardless one of the minor characters on the show announced to his co-workers that he's homosexual. To the gay viewer and probably most hetero viewers this was no surprise. However, it was surprising how brave and open he was for the time period (the show is set in the 1960s). This intrigued me and for a second I wondered what they were going to do with this story-line and how it might work with the closeted supporting character on the show (Sal).  I liked how undramatic the coming out scene was and enjoyed the realistic reaction of  his co-workers. But sadly his very next scene was with Peggy (played wonderfully by Elizabeth Moss) and the scene consisted of him offering to give her a make-over. Seriously? He says he is homosexual and literally five minutes later he is giving a girl a make-over? For a show that is typically so smart, I was disappointed and a little annoyed. The show normally handles issues very realistically and shows the overall mood of the early 60s. The use of this very minor character to finally give Peggy a much-needed haircut was in bad taste. 

Don't get me wrong I still love Mad Men and think it's a well-done show, but please don't give me more make-over gays on TV. Mad Men should know better.  

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