Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 Thoughts of the Week

It has been over a week since my last blog post and I'm feeling guilty, so here is a rundown of my thoughts this week:

1. A week ago I got asked to conduct an interview with Kara Candito for Boxcar Poetry Review. I was thrilled to be asked and Kara and I are already working on it. Kara's first book Taste of Cherry just came out and I reviewed it a few weeks ago right here in this blog (scroll down). I mention this because it's made me very glad I started my blog. I was hesitant at first, but it's opened up a lot of doors for me. Since starting it I've made lots of connections with other writers and publications, more so than I ever expected. Plus I like sharing my thoughts on poetry, gay culture, and above all encouraging people to read good poetry. I'll keep you post when the interview gets published. In the meantime read Kara's book (now)!

2. On thursday I got one of the nicest e-mails I've ever gotten about my work. A fellow poet by the name of Bryan Borland contacted me to say how much he enjoys my poetry. He started following me on Twitter a month or two ago and from there saw links to some of my work (again with the networking and use of social sites). Anyway, his e-mail meant a lot to me. It's a powerful feeling to know that you've connected with someone through your work and made some difference to them. It reaffirms that literature matters, that poetry matters, and that I'm doing something worthwhile. For me I have a need to write and so much of it is a personal need. I would have to write no matter what, even if no one would publish me (luckily they are right now), but sometimes you need reminded that people do actually read it and respond to it. Bryan is a talented poet himself and I'm happy to now be aware of him and I hope to keep in touch.

3. I'm also thrilled because when talking with Bryan he mentioned how we are both included in Ganymede Poets, One and told me how it is now available to purchase online, which I didn't know. This is a new anthology published by Ganymede magazine. The anthology collects all 38 poets that were included in the first six issues of Ganymede. The magazine, and therefore the anthology, focuses on gay men. All 38 poets are gay men from around the world. I'm so happy to be part of it and believe it has the potential to be an important fixture in gay literature. What's slightly odd is my poems are in the sixth issue of the magazine, which won't be out until January but you can buy the anthology now online and in October it will be available in some bookstores. The anthology even includes a cute picture of me. 

4. As you can tell from my various posts this has been a great year for my poetry, which has inspired me to write more and more and more. I seem to be on a publishing roll and seem to be busting with ideas, if only I had a bit more time to write, but that's always the issue. Anyway, I don't post work on my blog because it often makes it unable to be published elsewhere, but I thought I would share some titles of new poems I'm working on, sort of a coming attractions. As I've said a million times now I love titles. I think I might do some top ten lists of favorite titles I've written and ones others have written. So here are some new poems I'm in the process of writing: 
  • After We Watch The History Boys in Class My Students Fear I Want to Fondle Them
  • I've Never Sucked Off a Straight Guy Before
  • The Man In the Bar Says I Have a Michael Jackson Voice
  • Visiting My Parents After Watching For the Love of Dolly 
5. Lastly, I'm nearing completion on an idea for this blog. It would be an ongoing (monthly?) series that I might start up soon. It's secret right now, but I'll be looking for willing poets soon to participate. So really this is more of a tease than an actual thought. 

-Stephen (Always the Tease) 

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