Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Poem: My Midwest Knight on Ink Node

Kara Candito, author of Taste of Cherry (reviewed in a previous blog post), recently invited me to the site It's a rather interesting and progressive way of doing an online literary magazine. There are no set issues, no editors picking work to include, and no set style. Then how does it work? It is by invite only. Authors on the site get to ask others to join. Once an author has been asked to join he/she can post their own bio and work. The invite only policy makes the site exclusive, yet allows for a wide range of work by various authors. Now that I'm an author on the site I have five invites I can give out to writers I want included. It is also more interactive. Viewers can create accounts which allows them to rate pieces on the site and leave comments. 

I joined just yesterday and posted my first poem on the site entitled "My Midwest Knight." Check it out, create a user account, rate it, and comment on it. 

Poet friends: I'll be inviting some of you soon. 
-Stephen (In Ink)

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