Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Highlights of a Busy Week

I am now officially 27 years of age. I not only survived my birthday weekend, but had an amazing time ringing in 27. 

I woke up on Saturday to wonderful gifts from Dustin, including a new journal, which I'm excited to start using. I'm a big journal fan and buy too many of them, but I haven't had a new one in a bit and this one even has different colored paper. Then Saturday night we headed to the Parliament House with friends to celebrate. The drag shows were fantastic, the dancing was hot, and I got my picture taken and a free shot from my favorite drag queen, Armani. And just when I was feeling a little bit old, I got hit on by many members of the Democratic Committee, which appeared to be a young gay group of democrats from around the country. They were having some meeting in Orlando over the weekend. Most were from out of town and flirty (what could be better?).

Sunday (my actual birthday) was spent at Disney. We had lunch at Tusker House and then rode rides and drank. Again, what could be better? All in all it was one of my best birthdays and it made me feel lucky to have such a caring boyfriend and good friends. 

Since I spent the entirety of the weekend drinking and celebrating, it was difficult to get back in the working groove Monday. I had to teach the first class of my "December term" and realized I must have screamed all weekend because after lecturing for about three hours I had no voice left and five hours of lecturing to go. Of course, I survived. Tuesday I had my year review at my job, which was positive and I found out about some good promotion opportunities that might be happening very soon. 

That brings me to today. I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, so I have been planning for that and shopping for groceries and trying not to feel too depressed by the constant gray sky and rain outside. I did have a big bright spot this morning. I was notified by The Los Angeles Review that they want to publish my poem "A History of Hangers" in their Spring 2010 issue. I'm thrilled. Tonight, I will be heading to the Parliament House for their "Wildest Wednesday of the Year." Should be fun.

That's the news for now. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'll be alone for most of the day while Dustin is at work, but I'll be cooking him and some friends a fabulous vegetarian Thanksgiving spread. 

-Stephen (27)

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