Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top Ten Pictures of 2009

In the last year Dustin and I have taken more photos than any other year we've been together. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe because Dustin got a new camera for Christmas last year, maybe because we've become more narcissistic, or maybe we've just had more to photograph. Whatever the reason there are lots of photos from 2009 and I have selected my top ten favorites of the year. 

10. This is my diva shot of the year and was taken on a random night when Dustin wanted to test make-up on my face and I had been drinking enough to let him. Before I knew it my Hedwig fur coat was out and pictures were being taken. Author photo? What do you think?

9. This photo was taken on Armani's birthday. Armani is my favorite drag queen at Parliament House and she is pouring a shot into my mouth in this picture. Oh, and it was a Monday night. That's Orlando for you.

8. My friend, Josh, and I take a lot of ridiculous photos together, but this is my favorite of the year. This was at Dustin and I's Halloween party. Josh is dressed as a female pirate and I'm dressed as Sookie from True Blood. I think we make a lovely couple.  

7. This picture is representative of all the days and nights we've spent at Disney over the last year. It is also representative of Gay Days (notice the red shirts). 

6. This photo was taken at Parliament House's first ever blacklight party and we had a blast. I like this photo because we both look cute and happy.

5. Typically, Dustin and I go out with Gail and Josh and we often take group photos. These group photos normally take place in our apartment before we head to the club, but this one was taken right in the middle of the night and I like it the best. I think it captures the moment and we all look good, which doesn't always happen in the same photo.

4. I picked this picture for purely narcissistic reasons. It was taken after I opened my birthday presents from Dustin (the shorts in the photo were one of the gifts) and I just feel my body looks good in it, which made me feel good. In the end, we are all insecure and sometimes need those reminders that we are beautiful on the inside and out. Now I sound like a Hallmark card or Oprah. 

3. This picture is from Labor Day weekend, when I went to visit my family in Houston. Here I am with my niece Lily. She's an amazing girl and is always quite attached to me when I visit, which is surprising because I don't get to see her that much. I've never thought of myself as good with kids and I've never really had a desire to have kids, but Lily shows me a different side of myself. But for now, I'm happy being the fun uncle.

2. Here is Armani again, but this time on my birthday. She had just ordered me a birthday shot and then got someone to take a picture of us. It helped make my 27th birthday amazing.

1. The top photo of 2009 is one of Dustin and I getting "married" on Vegas night at Parliament House. This picture captures the year for me. It's been filled with many fun nights out and this one was no different. It also has the extra political punch of not actually being able to get married even though I've been with Dustin for over six years and love him very much. The best I can do is get married by an Elvis in the courtyard of the world famous Parliament House Resort, but part of me wouldn't change that for the world, because at least there I'm respected, cared for, and, above all, accepted.

-Stephen (Photo God) 

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  1. Re: the narcissistic pic, I was last night pondering the proliferation of the shirtless photograph. Particularly, I wondered if everyone advent in photographic technology spawned similar pictures.

    In my mind, in an archive somewhere, there's a daguerreotype of a handle-bar-mustachioed Frenchman with his shirt off.

    Love the fur coat, btw.