Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top Ten Tweets of 2009

As most of my readers know I became a big fan of Twitter this past year. I tweet a few times a day and have used it for networking, promoting, and just sharing my everyday thoughts and comments on the world. I like the idea of sending these little messages out into cyberspace. It's the compression of language and the challenge of being clever in just 140 characters that really gets me. If you aren't following me on Twitter and would like to, just search for me. My username is Stephenscott22. 

Keeping with the spirit of my top ten lists, I thought it was only appropriate to make a list of my top ten tweets of the year. Yes, I read through all 1,067 of my tweets and picked out these ten. I hope you enjoy! 

10. I'm wondering how Dustin & I became the tour guides for sex stores in Orlando. Maybe it was those sex toy parties we hosted 2 yrs in a row?

9. Wondering if cunts, toy poodles, Rent, Spike Lee, stoop behavior, lit girls, cum-sluts, and toned college boys is too much for one poem?

8. It is like a casting call for What Not to War in the parking lot of the Post Office. 

7. I think one of my students is a boy who asked me to follow him into a bathroom at a gay club a few months ago & wanted to sip from my drink. 

6. Reason I love being gay: a man at pride fest gave me a zipper keychain, which he insisted on attaching for me then he grabbed my crotch. 

5. All I can say is Thomas is amazing! I'm bending over as I write this!

4. Is it sad I expect men to look at my penis in public restrooms? Or maybe a sign that I spend too much time in gay clubs?

3. The girl next to me at P House just asked me what kind of skit takes place here, really?

2. It looks like Darcel covered herself in glue and ran through a craft store.

And the number one tweet that really wraps up 2009: Naked now. Gay playlist playing on ipod. Boyfriend in shower. Sexy clothes and make-up to follow.

-Stephen (Still Tweeting) 


  1. Those are some interesting tweets. Kudos for at least having something to say.

    As for myself, I abandoned twitter months ago. I just never really got the point of it. Maybe I was following the wrong people. I prefer to think that it conflicted with my views on the proliferation of the participatory panopticon (says the boy with thousands of Facebook status updates and more blogs than he can count).

  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed them. I guess, for me, I love Twitter for its simplicity. Most social networking sites are just too much and I like that Twitter is just word focused. The writer in me loves the challenges of it. I have found that Twitter is popular but mostly popular amongst niche groups and poets just happen to one of them.

  3. Twitter is too confining for me. The excessively stringent character limit encourages the most vapid "u" and "r" filled messages from the majority of people.

    I prefer Facebook which gives thrice the length. And the ability to nest comments works so much better for me. I'm a fan of commenting on my own updates.