Sunday, January 3, 2010

Podcast 1: The Man in the Bar Says I Have a Michael Jackson Voice

Welcome to my very first poetry podcast! This will become a new feature on my blog. It was one of my goals for the new year and it is only January 3rd and I've already made my first recording. Each podcast will include me reading just one of my poems. This is a way for me to share work with a wider audience and still have that work eligible for publication elsewhere.

At its root, poetry is an oral tradition. When writing new work, I constantly read it aloud to myself and when I read other poets' work I also read it aloud. I'm a firm believer in poetry that works both on the page and orally.

This first podcast is me reading a poem entitled "The Man in the Bar Says I Have a Michael Jackson Voice." I chose this poem as my first podcast for a very particular reason. I've had a hatred for my own voice from the time I can remember and I've always hated hearing myself on recordings, which makes this podcast project challenging for me. As I've gotten older, I have moved toward accepting my voice as it is. This poem, in part, is about that very feeling. It's based, as most of my work is, on an actual event. After Michael Jackson died I was in a bar and a man told me that I have a Michael Jackson voice. This poem is also a great example of a "Stephen poem." It could also be classified as a "celebrity poem," but as any good pop culture poem should do, it moves beyond the pop reference and into something more.

I would like to thank my job that I often complain about, because I wouldn't know how to make podcasts if I hadn't been forced to learn for work. I had some trouble getting it posted on blogger. Blogger doesn't support podcasts, which means I had to host it on a different site and link it here. To listen to my podcast just click the link below or click the title of this post. I hope you enjoy it!

Podcast 1: Listen Here.

-Stephen (Male Narrator)


  1. Wow! Great first podcast. You read the poem so well and I can really feel the range of emotions.


  2. Thanks Amanda! Now, is this an Amanda I know? Because you've left many nice comments and I know a few Amandas and I don't know which one this is and I always feel bad that I don't.

  3. I don't think you know me. I came across your poem "Mistaken Identity" in the Antiock Review a few months back and really loved it. I shared it with my poetry workshop and then looked you up (I'm a UF student).

    I really love this blog. You and your poems are so interesting and I believe in a lot of the things you say.

    Keep up the good work.

    Amanda Adams

  4. Amanda,

    This makes my day! I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem and enjoy this blog. Blogging has been an interesting experience because I don't really know who is reading it (if anyone). I'm really excited to know that someone I don't know is and always leaves great comments!

    Good luck in school!