Sunday, January 10, 2010

Podcast 2: September 21, 1991

Welcome to my second podcast! I have decided to make Sundays podcast days on my blog. I posted my first last week, which included me reading my poem "The Man in the Bar Says I Have a Michael Jackson Voice." If you missed it, please check it out in the archives. I will do my best to post some poetry related podcast every Sunday.

For my second reading, I selected a new poem entitled "September 21, 1991." This poem is part of a new series I am working on about the gay porn star Nickolay Petrov. I currently have ten poems in the series and have about four or five more to write. I am hoping to create a chapbook out of the poems. Why write about Nickolay? Well, he is currently serving 20 years in prison for attacking an elderly couple who owed another man money. He was hired to "scare" them and was considering killing the couple for $10,000 when he was arrested in 2008. I got fascinated by the case and the situation and decided last summer to write to him in prison. From there I've created a series of poems that explore sexuality, prison, porn, exploitation, and violence.

This particular poem deals with Armenia where Nickolay was born and weaves his life with pieces of my own. To listen just click the link below. 

Podcast 2: Listen Here

-Stephen (Innocent No Longer) 


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  2. Um, I love this so much. Also a treat to hear you read!