Saturday, January 16, 2010

Podcast 3: Sex Education

Tomorrow I set sail on a 7 day gay cruise with Dustin. This will be our second gay cruise and we absolutely can't wait. This means I will not be blogging for the next 7+ days. I'm actually looking forward to a week with no internet, no cell phones, nothing, but my boyfriend and 3700 other gay men. I will, of course, write all about it when I return. 

In an attempt to keep up with my new year goals, I am posting my third podcast just a little shy of Sunday. This will be my last post until I return. 

In this third podcast, I am reading my poem "Sex Education." I wrote this poem during my last graduate poetry workshop in the Spring of 2008. In many ways this was a breakthrough poem for me. It was longer than almost any poem I had written prior and it weaved together various events under one overarching idea or concept. It also feels fitting to post after my "atheist post," because it mentions my Quaker upbringing. It still remains one of my favorite poems that I've written and I hope you will enjoy listening to it. 

Podcast 3: Listen Here

-Stephen (Seaman) 


  1. This is an amazing poem. Really. It's incredible how you managed to tie so many images and subjects together so gracefully.

    Some of the details I loved:

    --the dog howling in the bathroom
    --"floppy sweaters"
    --"anus bloodied" (just graphic enough)
    --feet bound to neckties (alludes really nicely to the phone cord used to tie up the woman)
    --"bloody panties"

    Have a great time on your cruise.


  2. Amanda,

    Thank you. I really appreciate the comment and I'm very glad you enjoyed the poem.

    Take care,