Sunday, January 31, 2010

Podcast 4: After We Watch The History Boys in Class My Students Fear I Want to Fondle Them

Welcome to my forth poetry podcast! Thank you to everyone who has listened, commented, and sent me messages about these podcasts. I've been pleased with the project so far. 

This week's poem is entitled "After We Watch The History Boys in Class My Students Fear I Want to Fondle Them." Yes, I like long titles. As most of you know, I teach college English and I have for almost five years now (three of them while I was getting my MFA). My students often provide me with great ideas and topics for poems and this is a perfect example. In July I showed my students the film The History Boys. I had a class of about 96 students and 95% of them were male. I have honestly never seen a room so uncomfortable in my life. This got me thinking about sexuality, molestation, and the silliness of 18-year-old males. I am always very open in the classroom, so my students quickly know I am gay and this provides various interesting and humorous moments, which this poem attempts to showcase.

I hope you enjoy the social commentary and humor.

Listen: Here

-Stephen (Fondler) 

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  1. I am so down with what you're saying. I amabout tired of people flipping out because "the gay guy mentions men." Okay, then as a woman I should never say I think a lady is pretty because it means I want to attack her? I mean, really.

    No, really. People just need to get a grip. :)