Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FAG/HAG Poetry Contest

Dear Blog Readers,

I wanted to take this opportunity to promote not only a new poem of mine that you can read online, but also a fellow poet, Bryan Borland, and his new book. Bryan has recently published his first book of poems called My Life As Adam. It is a fantastic collection of poems that deals with coming of age as a gay man. I read an earlier draft of the manuscript and look forward to reading it in print. I'll be reviewing it here on this blog as soon as I can.

How does this connect to a new poem of mine? Well, in honor of Bryan's book being released, he held a contest on his website: and I entered. The contest was to write a poem that would fit into Bryan's FAG/HAG poetry series. I enjoy a challenge and Bryan personally asked me to participate, so I did.

The first winner was selected by a poet friend of Bryan's (I didn't win), but currently all entries are posted on his site and readers can vote for their favorite. Voting goes until February 26th and then a second winner will be named based on the results. I highly encourage you to go check out the contest, read the entries, and vote (hopefully for my poem). My poem is entitled "Bryan Makes Me Write a Poem About a Term I Don't Like." Also, check out the rest of Bryan's site and how you can get your copy of his book.

-Stephen (Fag)


  1. Thanks for the self-serving shout out, SSM! :) Or since it also serves me, would this shout out be equivalent to mutual masturbation? Would it be unprofessional to admit I'm pulling for you? Is that a clever pun? Stay tuned!

  2. I think mutual masturbation is the perfect way to describe it and since I greatly enjoy mutual masturbation, I plan to keep doing it until it pays off or we both get off.