Sunday, February 21, 2010

Podcast 6: Confessions of an Open Relationship

I've been silent this week on my blog for multiple reasons. It has been a busy week at work. I was promoted on Wednesday and am in the process of re-designing the course I teach and working on designing a brand new course. 

I've also been silent due to the response to my last blog post. I was really surprised by all the great comments, ideas, and questions it evoked. Partly, I wasn't sure how to follow it up, but since it was a long post and one many people seemed to actually read, I was happy to let it sit at the top my blog for a good week and a half.

I decided my next blog post I would save for today (Sunday, which I've deemed podcast day). I know I didn't provide a podcast last Sunday, but I did do one. It was for a project for PANK Magazine which will air in April (more details will be posted when I know them).  

Today's podcast is a perfect follow-up to my last blog entry. I have recorded, for your listening pleasure, my poetic sequence entitled "Confessions of an Open Relationship." I wrote this in the summer of 2008 right after Dustin and I moved to Orlando. We had be doing the open relationship for nearly 6 months and I felt very compelled to write about it, but wasn't sure what form it would take. This sequence is very different from various other poems I've written. It is a series of thirteen short poems that really tell the story of my experience deciding and having an open relationship with Dustin. It truly is the poetic version of my last post. 

Since I know not all of my audience will know this, I wanted to say that part of this sequence is referencing an online gay hook-up site called "Adam4Adam." Clearly the name lends itself to lots of other references that I also use. I don't like explaining my poems, but I did want that fact to be clear. 

I hope you enjoy it and leave some comments!

Listen: Here

-Stephen (Confessing) 

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