Sunday, March 28, 2010

Podcast 9: To the Stranger in My Bed on Easter Morning

I am not religious, but today is Palm Sunday and next week is Easter, so I thought I would record the only poem I've written that mentions Easter. The poem is entitled "To the Stranger in My Bed on Easter Morning." This poem has been published in Ganymede issue 6 and in their anthology Ganymede Poets, One. If you click the Ganymede links on the side of my blog, you can purchase a copy of either.

-Stephen (Resurrected)


  1. Maybe it's my browser (certainly no direct fault of my own) but I can't seem to get the "Listen here" link to work. It takes me to some sort of media playing device that fails to play anything.

  2. Scott-

    It is still working on my end. Have you ever listened to any my other podcasts? I always do them the same way. It might be a browser or software issue. I have a Macbook Air and always use Safari and it works through that. I appreciate you trying to listen to it.

  3. I have trouble using the link through Chrome, but I go back to explorer and it works. Have you tried different browerse?

  4. Sometimes when it doesn't play for me... like it's going to timeout, I close the player then click the link again and it'll play.