Monday, April 5, 2010

Best of the Net 2009: Sleeping with Robin Hood

Today the Best of the Net 2009 Anthology was published. This online anthology is made up of the "best" of fiction and poetry published throughout the year in online magazines. All online magazines are invited to nominate a few pieces that they have published during the year. My poem, "Sleeping with Robin Hood," was nominated by PANK Magazine, which published the poem in February of 2009.

According to the website, they received over 500 nominations. They selected just 25 as winners, which they republished. I did not make it in the winning circle, but was named a finalist. After checking out both the list of finalists and the winners, I can't believe I made it that far. There are some big name poets that I admire on both of these lists.

Since my poem was not selected for republication, I have decided to republish it here on this blog. As my readers know, this is a great rarity. I do not publish my own work on this site, because then it is not eligible to be printed elsewhere. I am making the exception this time, because the poem has already been published once, and I thank PANK for that and for the nomination.

In the spirit of National Poetry Month here is my poem:

Sleeping with Robin Hood

You showered me in stolen gold,
wowed me with your bow, your arrow,
your precision,

and when I begged to leave your tree house
you bound my hands with vine, stripped off my rags,
and told me soft against my face

how green was your favorite color,
how you loved the smell of pine,
sap on your legs, in your hands, down your throat.

You were like a fox wise in the woods
but with a soft underbelly, a coat to keep us warm.

I feared winter, feared the ice would overtake us,
like water, like death, like a snow globe, you said,

we are caught in continuous weather.
But you had done this before, a con-artist for all time.

You entered me in disguise—a beggar, a pirate,
a solider, a man in a dark hood.

-Stephen (Surprised)

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