Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Publication: The Los Angeles Review

On April 1, 2010, The Los Angeles Review, released their seventh issue, which includes one of my poems. Yes, I have gone bicoastal. I'm thrilled to be part of this magazine and to be with many other fine poets. This issue includes my poem entitled "A History of Hangers." It is actually about hangers, but I promise it will surprise you and not bore you.

If you follow me on Twitter (stephenscott22) or if you are my friend on Facebook, you have seen my various pleas to purchase a copy of this issue or of the new issue of Knockout (which also contains a poem by me). I am not only asking you to do this to support me (I get no money from it), but to support literary magazines in general. Nearly all literary magazines are nonprofit and struggle constantly to survive. Our current economy is not helping either and many magazines are folding.

Literary magazines provide an important space for writers, particularly writers of poetry and short fiction. This is the place to get your work out there and to have people read it. These magazines allow for new and established writers to mix together, sometimes on the same page. Without people willing to buy copies, these magazines will die.

April is National Poetry Month and this is a perfect time to reach into your pocket and buy a copy of a literary magazine or two or three. The Los Angeles Review is just $15 and can be purchased on their website:

Poets and writers everywhere will thank you.

-Stephen (On my soapbox)

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