Sunday, April 18, 2010

Podcast 12: Carl Phillips

This week's podcast features another poet, Carl Phillips, who has inspired me over the years. Phillips is a great poet and he's written numerous books. He is also gay and one of the first contemporary gay poets I spent a lot of time reading. I discovered him right at the beginning of my graduate program and his poems really helped shape a lot of my early MFA ideas about poetry. Phillips writes pretty differently from me and differently from the other two poets I've featured this month. I was also lucky enough to see him read when he visited FSU. He's not only a great poet, but he is fantastic at reading his own work. I got a lot out of hearing his poems.

In this podcast, I am reading my very favorite Carl Phillips poem, which is entitled "King of Hearts." This poem is from his book Cortege (which I highly recommend to any poet or lover of poetry).

I hope you enjoy it.

-Stephen (King)

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