Sunday, April 25, 2010

Podcast 13: Richard Tayson

For my final National Poetry Month podcast, I am reading two poems by Richard Tayson. Tayson is a poet I discovered in my undergraduate years and his book, The Apprentice of Fever, changed me forever. It's a beautifully crafted book and the poems are so personal and so intimate. His worked showed me what I could do in a poem and to never be afraid of telling a story no matter how uncomfortable it might make readers. His book deals heavily with AIDS from a gay man's perspective. This is also fitting because I just completed the Orlando AIDS Walk yesterday. Dustin and I raised over $500 this year.

This is the only book by Tayson I have read. I just discovered a few days ago he did write a second, which was published in 2008 (his first in 1998). I somehow missed it, but I have ordered it and can't wait to read it.

This podcast features his poems "The Chase" and "My Mother Asks if Men Make Love Face to Face." I think the second one might have greatly influenced my love of long and fantastic titles. Anyone who has read much of my work will know how important titles are to me. When rereading this poem, I was also reminded that he mentions Jeffery Dahmer in the poem. This is very odd because I have just spent the last month or two researching and writing a 12 page poem about Jeffery Dahmer. I had forgotten that Tayson had mentioned him.

I hope you have enjoyed my National Poetry Month podcasts. I will be returning to recording my own work very soon.

-Stephen (Changed)

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