Friday, June 25, 2010

Brief Poetry News

I've been submitting like crazy to magazines, but the summer is often a down time for publications and responses can take awhile. I do, however, have some brief updates on places you will be able to see my work in the near future.

I wrote a poem for Bryan Borland's "Fag Hag" contest a few months back, and he has complied the poems into a chapbook entitled Fag Hag – A Scandalous Chapbook of Fabulously-Codependent Poetry. It isn't out yet, but will be in a few weeks or days. It will include my poem entitled "Bryan Makes Me Write a Poem About a Term I Don't Like."

Two of my poems will also appear in a tribute issue of Ganymede. As I wrote earlier on this blog, John Stahle, the editor of the gay men's journal Ganymede, died in April. A few people have compiled some pages he had completed for the next issue and then put out a call for submissions from people who had appear in the journal before. I was included in issue six last January, so I submitted some poems. It's going to be called Ganymede Unfinished and it will include my poems "Disappointed and Horny After Watching Troy" and "My Sister Calls to Say She Wants to Find a Man with Morals." It should be out later this summer.

Hopefully, I will have some other good poetry news to report soon.

-Stephen (Fag Poet)

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