Sunday, August 15, 2010

Podcast 17: Missing You While Watching Misery

Podcast Sunday is back! Sadly, I haven't posted a poetry podcast since May. I made so many between January and May that I think I got burnt out on podcast making. Plus, I've been fairly busy this summer and, truthfully, hungover on a lot of Sundays. Today, I wasn't hungover and was in the mood to share a poem with my blog readers. This podcast, my seventeenth, is a reading of a brand new poem entitled "Missing You While Watching Misery."

A few posts ago, I wrote about using movies in poetry. This is my latest example and is inspired by the film Misery and by my two and a half weeks without Dustin this past July. I hope you will enjoy listening to it.

-Stephen (Caster of Pods)


  1. Just when I think I know where your poem is going, you deliver a twist (like a good movie does, I suppose). Nice podcast.

  2. Ron,

    Thank you. I always appreciate your comments.