Saturday, August 28, 2010

Podcast 18: Last Night Out

Podcast Saturday? Yes. All my other poetry podcasts have been on Sundays, but Dustin had to work all day today, so I had some free time and I haven't been so great recently with getting the podcasts done on Sundays, so I'm mixing it up.

This podcast is a reading of an older poem of mine called "Last Night Out." I wrote it two years ago right after moving to Orlando. The first summer we lived here, we spent every Thursday night at Mannequins, which was a club at Downtown Disney. On Thursdays, cast members got in for free (Dustin is a cast member). This created over the years a gay night every Thursday, because so many people who work at Disney are homosexual.

Mannequins was a unique club that had a spinning dance floor and a fun vibe to it. It would be packed every Thursday. The best part was seeing the random straight couple walk in and slowly realize there are mostly men in the club and they are dancing with each other. The Thursday of Gay Days was always insane. There would be a line around the building to get in and they opened at 7 PM and the line would start at 5 PM. It was crazy, but lots of fun.

In September of 2008, Disney shut down the club, which greatly saddened many in the gay community including Dustin and me. This poem is inspired by one of my last nights at Mannequins. It's a little different than some of my other poems, yet it has remained, for me, one of my favorites.

It is still unpublished. I've sent it out quite a few times, but have had no luck yet. I hope you enjoy it.

-Stephen (Sissy)

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