Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poetry News: Where You Can Find My Work

Today, Ganymede Unfinished was officially released. As far as I know, this is the final issue of the gay men's journal Ganymede. The editor of the journal, John Stahle, passed away in April. His journal was an inspiration to many gay writers and was truly doing something special by bringing together emerging writers and artists as well as work reprinted by famous gay men such as David Sedaris. The journal was nicely put together and designed by John Stahle and truly had gained some recognition from various people in the gay and writing communities.

John's unfortunate death left an unfinished manuscript for the next issue. My friend, Bryan Borland, collected the completed pages and sent out an email to all the writers and artists who had appeared in previous issues of Ganymede and asked them to help fill the rest of the pages with new work. John had published two of my poems in issue six that appeared last January. I, of course, wanted to be a part of this tribute to John and to help make this final issue complete.

You can now order your copy, which includes two of my poems ("Disappointed and Horny After Watching Troy" and "My Sister Calls to Say She Wants to Find a Man with Morals"). It also includes work by Bryan Borland, Matthew Hittinger, and Evan J. Peterson. Buy your copy here: http://siblingrivalrypress.com/

I also found out recently that The Los Angeles Review accepted another poem by me for their Spring 2011 issue. They will be publishing a poem titled "A Man Tells My Lover and Me Happy Valentine's Day." I will also be in the Spring 2011 issue of New Mexico Poetry Review. They accepted my poem "A History of Blood."

That's the news for now.

-Stephen (Unfinished)