Sunday, September 26, 2010

Podcast 21: Warning: In Case of Rapture This Vehicle Will Be Unmanned

As most of you know or might have figured out, I am not a religious person. I consider myself to be an atheist, but I was raised religious and have always been around religious and often conservative people. There are some things I respect or can understand about faith and spirituality, but most of organized religion baffles me. The most baffling for me is people's belief that the world is ending very soon. I've heard people literally say, "I don't recycle because Jesus is coming back soon and it won't matter" (I'll let that sink in).

This all leads me to one of my favorite bumper stickers that reads "Warning: In Case of Rapture This Vehicle Will Be Unmanned." My favorite TV show is Six Feet Under and in season four they did the funniest opening death scene involving this bumper sticker and every time I see the sticker I think of that show and immediately start laughing.

For about two or three years, I've had the idea of writing a series of poems using bumper stickers as the titles. I still haven't decided if this is a fantastic idea or too gimmicky, which is why I've only written two of these poems and not fifty. The first one I wrote about three years ago and it is called "Real Men Love Jesus." Then about two months ago I began working on a second one using "Warning: In Case of Rapture This Vehicle Will Be Unmanned" as the title.

Today's podcast is a recording of that new poem. While the bumper sticker does make me laugh, the poem took on a very different tone and idea than I was originally expecting. This is a great example of a poem that came together and completely surprised me. The poem is dark and attempts to pay tribute to various people I have known who have died in car-related deaths and attempts to explore Christianity's response to death.

I hope you will enjoy listening.

-Stephen (Unmanned)