Monday, October 25, 2010

Podcast 24: A History of Blood

It is Monday, so I did miss my Sunday podcast posting, but instead of being lazy and not posting one for another week, I recorded a new podcast today. I also figured there is a good chance, since next weekend is Halloween (also known as the Gay Christmas), I will not be posting one next Sunday.

Today's podcast is a recording of my poem "A History of Blood." This is the title poem from my still unpublished chapbook. All of the poems are inspired by a gay porn star (pictured) who was hired to "scare" an older couple who owed some guy money. Basically, he beat them up a few times. He is now serving twenty years in prison. The poems are also inspired by my interaction with him through letters. I'm hoping someone will publish the collection soon. I've entered it in a few chapbook contests and it was a finalist for PANK's contest in the summer. This poem will also be appearing in the spring issue of New Mexico Poetry Review, which is very exciting.

Many of the poems in the chapbook rely heavily on each other. This one can more easily stand on its own. One thing I'm trying to do in this poem, and in the whole collection, is examine the gay man's fascination with danger and men who are unattainable or violent in some way.

I hope you will enjoy listening.

-Stephen (Breaking My Rules)

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