Sunday, December 19, 2010

Podcast 30: The Hanky Code (A Preview)

This will be my last podcast of 2010. An even thirty seems like a good place to stop. As I said last week, doing these podcasts was a goal of mine for the year and I've been happy with the results.

It didn't take very long to decide what my last recording would be. 2010 has been marked, for me, by a project I spent a good part of the year doing. This podcast features three poems from The Hanky Code, which is a manuscript I co-authored with Bryan Borland that will be published by Lethe Press in 2011. We each wrote half the poems in the collection. The Hanky Code is a way gay men signal their sexual desires and interests to other men. Each poem in the collection takes on a different hanky and with it some very interesting sexual desires. What I love about these poems is that they take on different voices and situations and present them without judgment. It was challenging to write some of the poems because they were far from my own experiences. In the end, the collection is a window into the variety of sexual desires of the gay community. The poems are fun, sexy, shocking, thought-provoking, and sometimes surprisingly sweet.

Bryan has been amazing to work with and I think we both inspired each other to write better poems. I can't wait for people to get the chance to buy our book and read the whole thing. My podcast, today, features the poems "Brown Lace Hanky, Right Pocket (Into Uncut)," "My Father Never Wore Hankies, No Pocket," and "Rainbow Flag, Right Pocket (Into Men with Gay Pride)." As you can tell from these titles, we got a bit creative with our "hankies." Many in the book are very traditional codes and others we used our imaginations.

I will warn you, these poems are not for children or Republicans. They are not safe for work either.

Thanks to all of my followers and readers/listeners of the last year. I hope you enjoy this last podcast.

-Stephen (Coded)

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