Monday, March 7, 2011

Around the Web

For anyone who has missed my posts on Twitter or Facebook, I wanted to write a quick post promoting a couple of pieces that have mentioned me and my work in the last week.

A few weeks ago, a fellow poet contacted me for an interview for his site Literary Magpie. I was honored he wanted to interview me and I had a great time doing it. He asked insightful questions and hopefully I gave good answers. You can read the full interview with me and Jory Mickelson here.

My name was also mentioned in a recent review of the first issue of Assaracus. You can read the review here. It is always nice for your work to be singled out in an issue. You can still order a copy of the first issue and I believe you can now pre-order a copy of issue two, which doesn't include work by me, but does include many other fine poets. All of that and more can be found at the Sibling Rivalry Press website.

-Stephen (Self-Promoter)


  1. Great interview.

    I especially appreciated what you said about gay activism. I think your analysis is dead-on-target.

    And I agree that the arts can be a form of activism. I use my own art that way, now; I no longer march in the streets, but I can change peoples' minds, one mind at a time, through my art, and do my best to so.

  2. Thanks, Art. I'm glad you enjoyed it. As always, I appreciate you reading and commenting!