Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodbye, Velvet Mafia

A few days ago, I got word that the website Velvet Mafia is closing down. Velvet Mafia is a site that, in their own words, published "gay and queer fiction and poetry that refused to assimilate." They published a wide range of work some of which you couldn't find anywhere else. Some was erotica, some was more literary, and some was both. The site first went up in 2001 and provided an outlet for many writers and also helped build a community.

Velvet Mafia first published me in 2009 and I was very grateful to be a part of it. Being published there first introduced me to Philip Clark, who I have remained in contact with over the last two years.

I admire people who take on the creation of publications (either online or print). I've worked for a few and know how much time and effort they take. Velvet Mafia has entertained people, connected people together, and made people think for 10 years. The editors are moving on to other projects and I'm interested to see what they will do next.

The site will be up until the end of May, so go check it out (Warning: it is not safe for work). You can read my poems "We've done this all backwards" and "note, passed to matthew shepard" here. Velvet Mafia also published me in 2010 along side Bryan Borland. This time they published a preview of The Hanky Code poems. Check them out here.

I want to thank Velvet Mafia for giving my work attention and exposure. Enjoy it while you can!

-Stephen (Velvet)

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