Monday, June 13, 2011

Podcast 36: Visiting My Parents After Watching For the Love of Dolly

I haven't posted a new poetry podcast in quite awhile, so I thought today was a good day to share a poem that just got published. This podcast is a reading of my poem "Visiting My Parents After Watching For the Love of Dolly," which is in the new issue of Mary. The issue can be pre-ordered now and ships on June 16th.

This poem truly reflects on my own upbringing and the idea of collecting things and personal obsessions. It uses the documentary about obsessed Dolly Parton fans as a jumping off point, but goes well beyond that to explore the connections we have with our belongings.

I recently wrote a blog post about "capturing my roots" and being from the Midwest. This poem feels very grounded in the Midwest and reflective of my upbringing there, so it serves as a good example of everything I wrote about in that post.

I hope you will enjoy hearing me read this piece, but I also really hope you will get online and order yourself a copy of Mary.

-Stephen (Obsessed)

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