Monday, July 18, 2011

Podcast 37: My Attempt at an Epic AIDS Poem That References Harry Potter

In honor of all the Harry Potter craziness happening around me, I thought I would do a podcast of the only poem I've ever written that actually mentions Harry Potter. I'm not a big fan myself. I haven't read any of the books and I've only seen about half of the movies, but I know many people who are. I have nothing against Harry Potter. It just isn't really my thing, but it's done great things to get kids excited about reading and it is a well done and written series from everything I've seen about it.

My podcast is a recording of my poem "My Attempt at an Epic AIDS Poem That References Harry Potter." It is a poem I wrote a little over two years ago and it is based off an interview and back and forth email conversation with someone who is HIV positive. It is very much tied to what I've mentioned many times on my blog about "documentary poetry." It is a longer poem (three full pages), so you have to listen carefully.

I hope you enjoy it.

-Stephen (Harry)

1 comment:

  1. Loved this, Stephen. Quite moving, and, in some ways, a little trip down 'memory lane.'
    Thank you. :)