Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poetry News and Updates

The last few weeks have been good in my poetry world and I wanted to share some of that news. First of all, my book is coming along and looking fantastic thanks to the hard work of Sibling Rivalry Press. I'm getting close to a finalized cover and I've been sending my manuscript out to a few select poets who are willing to write blurbs for me. It's exciting to see it all coming together. I've spent a long time imagining this moment and thinking about a first book, so it's almost surreal that it is happening. It will be released on March 15, 2012 and it is titled He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices.

With my book coming out, I will be doing a lot of promoting on here and elsewhere for the book, which means I'll be doing as many readings as possible. I already have one reading scheduled for April with a few of the other Sibling Rivalry Press authors. It will be in Atlanta on April 28th. I'll post more about this as it approaches.

I recently had new work accepted in two magazines. My poems "Real Men Love Jesus" and "Warning: In Case of Rapture This Vehicle Will Be Unmanned" will appear in the first issue of the new magazine Chelsea Station, which is published out of New York City. I'm thrilled to be in the first issue, which should be available in November. My poems "Seeing a Dead Lizard After Reading Mark Doty's 'Turtle, Swan'" and "The Man on the Radio Says Boys Don't Want to be Astronauts Anymore" will appear in the next issue of Grist.

And just to give you some balance, I've also been rejected by four or five places in the last three weeks.

I will be making some changes to my blog over the course of the next month or so. This will include some new pages that will feature reading dates and other promotional materials.

-Stephen (Balance)

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  1. Congratulations, Stephen! Looking forward to the book!!
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