Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Next Creative Move

It's the end of year, which is a good time to look to the future and plan for the coming year. This December, I'm in a very different place creatively than I was last year. The last few months I've done very little writing. Most of my writing time I've used to make small adjustments to my upcoming first book. I've had to get blurbs, think about cover art, and make some edits. I've also been basking in the excitement of actually having a book coming out. Most of the work is done and now I wait until its release date in March, which leaves me wondering what's next?

I'm a poet who writes a lot and is always in need of a creative project. It drives me, keeps me focused, and feeds a certain part of me. Basically, it's what stops me from being completely insane. In the last few years, my projects have ranged. Sometimes I've focused on a series of poems or a long poem. I've also had this first book manuscript floating around, which I no longer have (I'm not complaining). My first book is a done deal. Those poems are gone. So again, what's next?

In the last three months, as I've worked on various tasks dealing with my first book, I've been slowly playing with some new ideas. I've made some notes. I've done some research. I've even written out a few drafts. All of this has lead me to a new creative project (I hope).

My work has continued to grow and move in different directions. Often directions I never expected. I've really been examining what a long poem can do and that is evident in my first book (one poem takes up 18 pages of the book). It seems my logical next step is to attempt to write an entire book length work that is very interconnected (if not, one long poem). I envision it having breaks and subtitles, but very much working as one piece.

I'm not going to say too much about the subject matter, but it deals with the domestic sphere, the 1950s and 60s, mother/son relationships, therapy, drinking, Mad Men, Grace Kelly, Frank O'Hara, 21st century gay life, and more.

This is going to be my new project in 2012. I plan to spend a lot of my writing time in the first part of the year exploring the idea and seeing where it can take me.

Of course, I will also be devoting a lot of my time to promoting my first book and enjoying the ride.

Here's to another year and another project!

-Stephen (Idea)


  1. Happy Holidays and here's to a productive new year!

  2. Good for you, and good luck to the future.

    I recently completed a major project, writing words and music for a gay men's chorus, for their 15 anniversary as a chorus. It took several months to write, and I found myself a little staggered at how much I produced, under the circumstances.

    But the real lesson of writing that I learned was that I need to always have another project to turn to, when one is done. No down time. Down time brings out the worries about the future, whereas starting a new project keeps me focused on the present moment, which is what really matters.

    So best wishes to you for your next project.