Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poems I'd Save from the Fire: Nikita's Indian Restaurant by Jillian Weise

For National Poetry Month, I'm running a series on my blog called "Poems I'd Save from the Fire." These will be short posts highlighting a poem that I think is great, thought-provoking, and worth saving. Most of these poems will be from contemporary poets. I try to promote contemporary work as much as possible on this blog. I love lots of famous poets from all different time periods, but I don't know if we need another blog post about how great Whitman is. I love Whitman. Read Whitman. All of him. But also read current poets.

I'm kicking of this "fire saving series" with a poem that mentions setting fire to a house. My first poem to save from the fire is Jillian Weise's "Nikita's Indian Restaurant" from her book The Amputee's Guide to Sex. I love this whole collection and this poem has always stood out to me for many reasons. It's thought-provoking and surprising, which is always something good to have in a poem. It also has such a raw honesty to it that greatly appeals to me. I love poems that don't always say what you should, because most of us don't go through our lives saying or thinking the "right" things all the time. Probably most of us have wished for our significant other to stand up for us by lighting someone on fire at some point or another. It's also a great use of a pop culture reference. Check it out and then buy her whole collection. The poems in the book are all interconnected and help further inform each other.

-Stephen (Read!)

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