Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poems on the Web

It's always nice to get some work published during National Poetry Month when more people are paying attention to the poetry world. It's a great time to browse some poetry journals or read through a new volume of poetry.

This month, I have two new poems featured on two different sites. My poem "The Lies Poets Tell" was selected by Jeffery Berg to be featured on his blog for National Poetry Month. He's featuring a different poem everyday, so check it out.

I'm also honored to be in the newest issue of Quarterly West. It's a great journal out of the University of Utah. They published my poem "Last Night Out," which I'm thrilled about. The issue also features poems by Bob Hicok (a poet I admire).

Check out both sites and read my poems and other poems.

-Stephen (Poet)

1 comment:

  1. Lies Poets Tell -- that poem has got some fire! It really moves. Congratulations on getting it out in the world.