Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Visualizing Me: My Visual Resume

A few weeks ago, I attended a workshop taught by my friend and coworker Chiara Ojeda. The workshop was on visual resumes and how best to use them. As many of my readers know, I'm currently looking for jobs in New York City. My partner and are planning to move there in the next few months, so my job search is kicking into high gear. The job market right now can be intimidating and this workshop provided me with some interesting ideas on how to stand out in the sea of job seekers.

You might be asking, what is a visual resume? That's a good question. A visual resume is a more well-rounded, accurate, and visual representation of who you are as a person and a job seeker. Resumes can be very limiting and very bland. It can be difficult to truly highlight who you are and what you've done in a properly formatted resume or CV or on a job application.

The visual resume opens the door. There are no set rules or even set applications to use. Some create them in Keynote or Powerpoint or Photoshop. The key is to use something that works for you and that you know how to use. The visual resume should give a good sense of who you are as a person through the information, photos, and design you choose. Visual resumes are becoming more popular, so there are a few sites out there that offer templates, but, to me, this defeats the purpose. Your visual resume shouldn't look like someone else's.

This, of course, can't replace your actual resume, but it works as a great supplement to a paper resume and a way to stand out. It allows you to be yourself.

Thanks to my friend's workshop, I got motivated and made my own, which I have already sent out to a few places. The other great thing is that you can easily post your visual resume for others to find you.

Check out my visual resume here:

Know of any jobs? Let me know. For more info on slide design, visual resumes, and presenting, check out my friend Chiara Ojeda's blog Tweak Your Slides.

-Stephen (Sliding)


  1. This is a really neat concept. Is this your final version? If so, you have a typo in talking about studying abroad (slide 8). I think you typed it as "aboard."

  2. Thanks Telly! It was changed in a different one. Fixed this one.

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