He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices

He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices
by Stephen S. Mills
Sibling Rivalry Press
ISBN: 9781937420086
March 15, 2012

Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry
Finalist for the Thom Gunn Gay Poetry Award

ABOUT THE BOOK: Unable to accept complacency in suburban life, Stephen S. Mills transports himself to dank prison cells, international executions, and the minds of murderers that unravel through the kinky underbelly of America. He comes full-circle back to the bedroom of a young, gay couple whose everyday lives surprise us in a flawed and fascinating world. He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices channels the hushed tones, loving whispers, and lusty moans of a generation deluged in an unflinching, unending media assault that brings the best and worst of us to an exciting, terrifying proximity.

“If you’re someone who’s ever gone home with a stranger, after reading He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices, you’ll feel lucky to be alive: unraped, unmurdered, uneaten, still able to read these fascinating and fearless multifaceted poems full of ass and blood and cum and death. With scant artifice or need for it, Stephen Mills interrogates the sober truth that while we experience the ups and downs of our daily lives terrible things are happening to others (state-sanctioned hangings of gay men in Iran; murders by Jeffrey Dahmer; the premature death of beloved poet Reginald Shepherd), but Mills also manages to find and convey delight: celebrations of gay love, lust, porn, and domestic life. I promise you this: you may be disgusted, you may be turned on, but you’ll never be bored reading these poems.”

                                     — Jeremy Halinen, author of What Other Choice

"Strategically obnoxious and spectacle-driven, Stephen S. Mills’ debut book of poems “He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices” takes a violent swing at our queer sensibility.  The only thing is we don’t want to duck. We should be ashamed to delight in reading poems about  Jeffrey Dahmer, mindless Southern boys, creepy prison letters with inappropriate come-ons.  Full of admirable, comic self-loathing and even some hope, his poems hurt us in ways we haven’t dreamed of.  And we’re all the better for it."

                                      Steve Fellner, author of The Weary World Rejoices

"There’s a fortune teller in one of those poems who’s no good at her trade. But who among us is? Everybody tries, but nobody can predict the future. Yet a good book of poems can, in a way, and this is just such a book, one that describes a world in which people of every kind adore or at least put up with each other. Stephen Mills has a big heart, and I love how he uses it. Oh, and he has the best titles: if 'My Boyfriend Tells My Parents I’m Writing to a Gay Porn Star in Prison' doesn’t make you shout, “More, please!” then nothing will."

                          David Kirby, author of Talking About Movies With Jesus